What we do

Our services within Business Development covers critical changes in the business environment:

  • Strategy development on group and business unit level
  • Business development, tenders, new markets & Partnering models
  • Programme- & portfolio management

Altos Management has years of experience successfully working with transformational change on operational level and with executive-, board- and senior stakeholders.

For references; check out the Work & Cases section.

Projects and change intiatives at scale is a long term-, high value- and high risk endeavor focused on shaping the future, realizing benefits and managing risk. As such, its closely linked to corporate strategy and involves specific phases – each requiring proven processes and competencies:

  • Defining future needs and business model
  • Market & competence assessment
  • Stakeholder identification and engagement
  • Procurement & partnering
  • Managing progress, deliveries & changes
  • Commissioning & benefit realization
  • Asset Management

Altos Management has extensive experience throughout the lifecycle of transformational change and will support our customers and partners acting in roles as trusted advisors or with a hands-on responsibility for execution and daily management.

Working for decades with external advisors, we fully understand the role and value that external parties can bring into the organization.

We are however fully confident in taking a step closer to the business and its unique people in interim management roles relying on 18 years of successful leadership experience working with expert teams as well as broader business units in leader-for-leader roles.