Don’t wait for change – drive it

I established Altos Management with one purpose: to help organisations move big things forward. I am powered by driving change that really matters creating results that exceeds expectations.

This aspiration is based on +20 years experience from the B-2-B side in the transportation sector characterized by a capital- & technology intense infrastructure, a highly competitive market and a significant regulatory framework.

I excel in execution and delivery, developing my teams and improving business performance.

I have held various roles as Project Manager, Director and Vice President at the dominant Danish railway operator, DSB, a 7.500 FTE 1,3 bnEUR business working to advance the company’s change from a vertically integrated state-monopoly to a commercial, efficient and customer driven organization – today a top-performer in international benchmarks. Over the last years I have acted as interim manager and trusted advisor in the Energy sector covering large scale procurements, organisational strategies and development of new business models.

My work is centered around development and transformational change. I have headed business development units, strategy and complex-high-value infrastructure programmes all providing major contribution to top-line growth, optimization and significant reduction of risks and strategic uncertainty. Initiatives that paves the way to a sustainable, efficient and customer focused future.

I work with ambition & confidence, a broad business perspective, skilled at simplifying, strong leadership capability with talent for organizing, developing teams and establish purpose, vision & ownership.

You are welcome to reach out or vist me on LinkedIn for more information. Or – if you have a minute – watch a brief introduction video below.

Valdemar Troelsø, founder & owner @ Altos Management

IBAN: DK40 2000 6299 3210 00

Reg. nr: 2413 Account:  6299 3210 00
VAT ID (CVR): DK 41 84 06 76

The name Altos is derived from our work within Assets, Leadership, Transformation & Strategy and reflects the importance of a broad-, top-down perspective on the business and its operating environment when working with transformational changes. Altos is inspired by Italian ‘alto’ meaning ‘high’ as also reflected in English ‘altitude’